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With her work, the artist wants to make the imperfect more visible - images superficially regarded as "failed " and labeled.

To avoid mistakes- that was not respected in the photographic process.


The result are photographs with more or less errors.

Image blemishes, which are usually made invisible by photoshop, were precisely reworked by hand in neon color.

Say, it is done a reverse retouching.                  

The deliberate use of neon color should immediately attract the viewer's attention.

The "errors" should be seen as first.

Loses the image through this reverse retouching , distracts or even disturbs it?

Would the picture without its “neon” error have the same effect and meaningfulness?

Are "mistakes" interpreted by us only as such?


With a grid of guidelines designed by us, which serves us daily in judgment.

From this point on, it is up to the viewer if the picture seems perfect or faulty to him.


Analog Photography // Acryl Paint

On Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth

Limited Edition Of 5

40x60 cm

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