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This is an interactive project between the two artists

Photographer / Artist - Patricia Lehner

Model / Artist - Almira Avdyli


P: INDIVIDUATION, which personal relationship do you have?

A: It's generally a big topic for me, especially artistically. To liberate one's "self", to override social norms or alien ways of life, and to try to unfold one's ego as freely as possible. There is always talk of integrating in society. But where is the integration with his own "me"?

P: Where do you think the difficulties are with the "me" finding?

A: I believe, on the one hand, the daily flood of information that we are exposed to or expose to ourselves. Do not get me wrong, the communicative possibilities we have today are really great. Nevertheless, I believe that this daily flood of information that comes to us is not so easy to manage. We get information, about food, sports, fashion, lifestyle, things that give us joy, etc. but what do "I" want? Or, what do I need to be happy? On the other hand, I find body-consumption extremely problematic.


P: What exactly do you mean by body-consumption?

A: If we take Instagram, Tinder or generally media, we see everywhere faces and soulless body parts, there is always a comparising : how a sporty ass has to look, or non-porous skin, etc., etc .. It is only fragments that we see here.

Why is it not enough to be yourself ?

P: Do you use social media channels yourself? 

A: Yes, I do. But now very aware.

I think well of what I reveal and what virtual footprint I leave behind.

P: What real footprint do you want to leave?

A: This question often goes through my head. It is incredibly important to me to leave a positive footprint. I do not want to just “ to life "without having used the opportunity to make a difference.

I draw so much inspiration from my environment, from my interpersonal relationships and books and want to give back at least as much inspiration. I also want to give something back to the planet and help it regenerate. Not only I want to produce garbage, consume a lot and suck out the planet, and at the end leave it to posterity.

Terrible idea.


Fine Art Print

On Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth

Limited Edition Of 10

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